fredag den 17. juli 2009

Wilders vil nedrive muslimske skoler

En drakonisk metode - jeg er nu enig i, at der er ingen grund til at anerkende radikale moskeer.

Radikale imaner viser vi bedst som uønskede ved at smide dem ud. Der skal aldrig være en Anjem Choudari i Danmark, som i England.

Det er landet som ikke ville lukke Wilders ind.

Q: Mr. Wilders, you have suggested a ban against building new mosques and Islamic schools. So what will happen if you gain power. Will you totally stop, will you even tear down, mosques?

A: No, I will tear down Islamic schools, because I believe they are dangerous, fascist institutions where young children are being grown up in an ideology of hate, intolerance and violence. And I'd rather have these young Islamic boys and girls in normal Dutch schools. This is the best ticket to integrate in our Western societies. I will not tear down any mosque unless they are radical, and unfortunately some of them are. Even the Dutch minister of the interior said a few years ago that out of the 500 mosques that we approximately have in Holland, 25 to 30 are extreme.

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