fredag den 24. juli 2009

Lidt sjov at tænke over

Skønhedskonkurrence Saudi Style:

With her face and body completely covered by the black head-to-toe abaya mandatory in the conservative Muslim kingdom, 18-year-old Mullah was named "Queen of Beautiful Morals" late on Thursday, newspapers said.

There was none of the swimsuit and evening gown competitions and heavy media coverage of beauty pageants elsewhere when the contest was decided in the eastern city of Safwa.

Instead, the winner and the two runner-up princesses had to undergo a three-month test of their dutifulness to their parents and family, and their service to society.

This included a battery of personal, cultural, social and psychological tests, Al-Watan reported.

Suk, er der noget smukkere, end en servil kvinde? :P Men omvendt, er det ikke smukt at være god ved sine omgivelser?

Jeg hælder nok mest til den servile variant i det her tilfælde.

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