onsdag den 7. januar 2009

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Er blevet midlertidigt tilføjet til højre under Udvalgte Blogposter, øverst på menubaren.

Her nogle eksempler på nyheder vi ikke får:

Undervisning aflyst eller foregår i bunkere:

The buzz of Apache helicopters echoed over Beersheba on Tuesday as children spent another day without school.

Classes has been canceled for a week, after a Grad rocket slammed into a kindergarten playground last Tuesday night, spraying shrapnel a block away and prompting the municipality to pul the plug on all studies - from pre-school to university - until the missiles stop falling.

But pupils in the city, an estimated 45,000 of them, are beginning to resort to alternative means to keep up with their classwork. While the Education Ministry has implemented programs - including Internet-supported learning and home-school initiatives - to keep the kids up to speed, other groups have begun moving into the bomb shelters and engaging pupils with activities such as tutoring and arts and crafts.

Down the stairs of one bomb shelter in the Gimel neighborhood, a second- and a third-grader were busy working out math problems on a dry-erase chalkboard.

IDF betingelser for våbenhvile:

The IDF is conditioning its acceptance of a new cease-fire with Hamas on the establishment of a supervision mechanism in the Gaza Strip and the creation of a force based along the Egyptian side of the Philadelphi Corridor to prevent the smuggling of weaponry and explosives from Egypt into Gaza.

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