onsdag den 2. november 2011

Trængselstider for halalhippier

Endnu en stakkels velmenende halalhippie må bide i det sure æble fra virkelighedens træ:

France: Catholic Muslim tensions rise as Catholics attacked with stones and websites hacked

Initially I was in two minds whether to post on this as my sources are – shall we say – not friendly towards Islam. However, having read earlier today of the petrol bombing of a French satirical paper (Charlie Hedbo) following their decision to appoint Mohammed as its ‘guest editor’ in order to mark the victory of an Islamist party in the Tunisian elections, I’ve decided to highlight two recent incidents.

The first is a report that Muslims have attacked Christians attending a Catholic celebration in Nîmes, Southern France, with stones:

The Joyeuse Union Don Bosco [Joyous Union Don Bosco] takes place in Nîmes, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady the Virgin of Santa Cruz.

After a day of welcoming and reunions, around 7 pm, the participants were leaving in their cars and vehicles when “young Arab immigrants” from the city started to throw stones at the vehicles descending from the sanctuary.

The local police, whose station is in this area, were immediately notified and the event organisers had to arrange a diversion to another route to protect the occupants of the vehicles from the savage attacks which continued.

As a word of caution, this is mainly being reported on anti-Islamic and far-right websites and is based on one media report in the La Provence. An image of the article is available here in French. As I don’t speak French I can’t corroborate the media report and if anyone can do this for me I’d be grateful.

The second report is that an Algerian Muslim hacker has taken control of hundreds of French websites, many associated with the Catholic faith, and replaced their normal content with a boastful graphic and this text:

“Algerian never forget revenge 1 Nov 1954/1 Nov 2011″. This commemorates the 50-year anniversary of the outbreak of the Algerian revolution.

Below the graphic appears a list of 475 websites the hacker claims to have control over, including the main website of the Catholic church in France. A message also proclaims:

No God But Allah and Mohammed is Messenger Of Allah
Isalm Is Real Way

If these reports are accurate, and I do again urge caution, then this would represent a disturbing escalation in Muslim-Catholic tensions in France.

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