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Jim Rogers om Kina og om at se forandringer i god tid

Dette er et ældre interview med Jim Rogers, men absolut værd at læse og et af de bedre:

Jim Rogers: My thinking has changed about a lot of things over the years. I never wanted to have children. I figured they were just a terrible waste of time, energy, money and everything else. Now I have these two little girls, and I can't tell you how wrong I was about children. They are the most wonderful thing. Thirty years ago I thought just like everybody else did on many issues of the day. For instance, I would have said that Red China was some sort of horrible, disastrous nation. I had never been to China in the 1970s and now having seen the world, I am well aware that the way we thought when we grew up is not necessarily correct. Anyway, the world changes, and it changes dramatically. Under Mao Zedong, China was in fact a disaster, but then Yung Paw Ching came along and the world changed. Part of the problem is that most are aware that things change but they don't spot it soon enough. I've tried to be receptive to spotting change and now I try harder to spot change in advance.

Daily Bell: Did you set out to become famous and wealthy, or it something that evolved as did your career?

Jim Rogers: I did set out to find my freedom. I knew that in order to have total freedom to do what I wanted to do I would have to make money. I figured that out an early age. Living in the back woods of Alabama, I wanted to get out and see the world and I figured you had to have money to do that. The rest of it followed, though of course I had no idea where I would end up.

Daily Bell: Explain why you are so attracted to China?

Jim Rogers: It is not that I am attracted to China. It is that I see what is happening in China. I see the enormous changes that are taking place in China. I hope I would have thought that I would have seen the same sort of promise in Britain in 1807 – and seen that the UK was going to emerge on the world scene in a big way. I would hope I'd have detected the same promise in 1907 as regards America. Few people saw anything in the UK in 1807. Few people saw anything happening in America in 1907. The country was bankrupt in 1907, totally corrupt – Wall Street, Washington, everywhere. Yet, in fact, America was on the verge of becoming the greatest success of the 20th century.

Again, things change. If you study history you can see that. China has had recurring periods of greatness three or four times in the last few thousand years. Britain was great once, Egypt was great once, and Rome was great once. China has been great three or four times. It's a resilient country, and we can see that now. For 300 years China was in decline. In fact, a few hundred years ago, China's Emperor destroyed all the big sailing ships. They had vessels that had been to America, to Africa. They were sailing around the world long before Columbus. And yet the Emperor decided the China was not going to travel across seas anymore. He destroyed all the ships, destroyed all the maps, destroyed the records, destroyed everything. China, as could be expected, went into decline.

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